Saturday, 27 May 2017

Blizzard Orc

Well, I don't know how and why, but this last week my anxious brain stopped, and I could think clearly and calmly. So I did this one, with FOCUS now:

With the goal of doing Card Game art, I realised that at some point doing my art journey that started in 2012, I lost the focus, the will, the FUN of doing art.

Thinking back now, maybe it was too much advice from all sorts of people. Or maybe too much of "seeing art" instead of "doing art". A week ago I stopped to think: what am I doing with my life? That suddenly my art will get better? FML.

I feel really really upset with myself, for ALL THE TIME WASTED. Have I never stopped learning, I could easily be working in the industry right now.

Some weeks ago I also posted an orc, so, after this "insight" of focus, I decided to re-do it.

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