Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hey! :)

After spending a week in my hometown 'cause I had to remove my wisdom teeths, and just sketching some crap in my sketchbooks, I returned to my college town and spent the days doing digital painting again <3

So, I had this idea that came from nowhere of a girl with wolves. And I slowly began to do it, until this point (yes, it's unfinished and it will stay that way):

I was rendering - or at least trying to - the wolves, and realized: what. the. f. was. that. I do not know how to draw a wolf. Never did one.

So I did some studies :) Took me all day, but I'm happy with the results. I learned a lot. And I also have to thanks Fer ( for the insight about the fur!

And now I'm doing the image I wanted before, haha. Still gonna take me some time tough. And I also have other illustration in mind :) wooo happy week.

AND, I've been very insecure about my college lately. I mean, I know what I want for myself. However, that's not what anyone can teach me here. I'm slowly starting to believe I have to travel far. And my toughts, for the moment, are hovering around California... :) However, the financial problem is, well, still a problem, duh. So, my own self-study will have to do for now!

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